Day 1 Down

Seriously, the hardest thing really IS pushing play. Working out early in the morning seems to work best for me because I don't have much on my mind. Once the wheels start rolling, I start making plans, people start to call me, and everything just seems to get in the way. Day 1 is X2Core. NOTHING like Core Synergistics but the "core" of the workout is the same. I forgot how difficult it is to get through these DVDs as a first timer. A 57-minute workout was more like 90-minutes because I had to pause and rewind a number of times. Eventually it will get easier, I know. I felt the effects immediately. My metabolism has been burning through everything I eat and the abdomen and the legs are also feeling the burn.

Let's see how I hold up. I am trying to judge how much kickboxing AND Zumba I can do while doing this workout. It's a challenge but I know P90X2 will help me improve in all other areas of fitness and I am excited to see how.