How the Cat Stole Christmas

Every human down in Bronxville liked Christmas A LOT . . .  But the cat that lived with Melissa liked it TOO MUCH . . .

She sat under the tree every day . . .

Rubbed herself against it and found hours of play . . .

It could be the lights weren't screwed on right,

Or perhaps she just wanted to start a fight.

See the cat chewed on the lights every night . . .

And the humans had to use their might.

They tried to teach her to play nice,

But everyday she went after the string of lights as if they were mice.


Whatever the cats reason,

The humans had to cut short the season . . .

For decorations, pine trees and holiday cheer.

Now their home is bare, like every other day of the year.

The gifts sit on top of the media stand, messy and cluttered,

While the tree and the lights are in the closet, shuttered.

Perhaps she doesn't care or doesn't know any better . . .

But the cat stole Christmas and the humans were compelled to write this letter.

Goodbye to Christmas decorations and cheer,

Our kitty is the boss and she's NOW the one to fear.