Lauren's Saints of Dirty Faith: A book review

Amazon Review: "In this third installment of the popular Dirty Girls Social Club series by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Alisa Valdes (formerly Valdes-Rodriguez) we find Boston newspaper columnist Lauren Fernandez running for her life from a handsome sociopathic killer, with the help of her two best friends -- and straight into the arms of a hot, mysterious New Mexico cowboy. We also find plus-sized materialistic glamazon Usnavys Rivera laid off and confronted with a downsized bank account and impending bankruptcy as her shopping spirals out of control; and prim and perfect Rebecca Baca discovering her father's secret "other" family, while also seeing the passion slip out of her marriage after the birth of her autistic son."

I know this really isn't the forum but I love Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's "Dirty Girls Social Club" series and when I learned she had a new book out, I just had to read it and finish it in four days because that's what I do when I love an author and a story.

This book is a little different and the author explains why in the prologue. Basically, she aimed to write a book in today's times. A book that would help us all relate and escape at the same time. The book doesn't follow ALL the dirty girls and I really appreciate that because I often find myself lost in their various lives and feeling like I wasn't getting enough of each. She focuses on my three favorites: Lauren, Usnavys, and Rebecca.

The funny thing is that I never related to Lauren or Usnavys in the other novels. I mean, I loved them but they were more like one of my friends and not really ME. I always related to Rebecca - especially because she doesn't curse and her thoughts about Lauren and Usnavys amused me but this time around, Usnavys and I, see eye to eye. She hasn't had it easy in these economic times and she is forced to change her outlook on life, money, and family. I've felt just as Usnavys has many times with the whole, "I got out of the ghetto and got my education, why the hell am I in this situation? Don't they know I am fabulous?" She goes through it many times and I have a new appreciation for her character.

The other spin on the novel is that there is suspense and serial killer action. I must say, I could have done without ALL of the serial killer/rapist scenes. Rodriguez's books are always so light and fluffy, even when one of the characters is going through stuff, she still manages to add humor. That wasn't necessarily the case this time around. There is one chapter in the book, that if I knew any better, I would have skipped altogether. Skip the chapter in Aruba if you don't like serial killers. That's all I'm saying.

Once again, hail to the queen who made speaking/writing in Spanglish cool. The Dirty Girls are just like my girls, "Las Fantabulosas." Their lives are always changing but their dynamic is the same and I love it.  I purchased the book on my Kindle app and must add that I was a little disappointed with the various spelling, grammatical, and attribution errors. I'm not sure if it's the Kindle release or what but one of the things I loved about Rodriguez's work was that she was a Latina who COULD WRITE. She still can tell a great story but I did get distracted from time to time when I knew she meant "Jason" yet she attributed a quote to "Martin." The grammar was also off and I am not referring to the character's grammar either. We all know Usnavys can get ghetto. I am referring to the voice of the narrator. Some of the sentences just made no sense.

I could only imagine the difficulty of writing a book. I mean, I just publish on my blog and I often find ridiculous errors that piss me off but my content is free. Publishing and selling a book is different, and I just wish that there would have been more time and effort placed on the editorial process. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez is awesome and deserves to be proofread and edited and her work should read as clean as it always has, even if she independently published it.

Overall, the book gets a 4 out of 5 from me. I still love the Sucias and I can't wait to read more about them. Oh yeah, and I still have the X-rated chapter to purchase. ;-)