Day 4, X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper

I finally woke up in the morning to do my workout. If you haven't noticed, I did Day 3 on Thursday and I am finally getting to Day 4. I had a weekend full of Zumba and the cardio really tired me out to the point that I couldn't consider pushing play. But today was a different story. I was very excited to finally get to the Ab Ripper workout. All together the workout is supposed to be less than 90 minutes but I think it took me two hours to get it done. X2 Total Body

This was the hardest to figure out so far. There are so many moves and very little instruction. I had to do rewind a lot to figure out what anyone was doing and then modifying for the equipment I own, was even more difficult. Home workout videos usually have one person front and center doing the modifications. P90x2 does the same but the camera man doesn't focus on this person for long enough. I felt like I was flailing around before I could figure out what they really wanted me to do. Also, I'm not sure where and who they thought was going to do these moves but there are some moves that are just impossible for me to recreate in my tiny space. The "all you need is a mat" rule doesn't really make sense here. Perhaps as I do it more, I can figure out modifications but for now I am at a loss.

X2 Ab Ripper

Different but still a great workout. It's more of a CORE workout than just a "get ripped abs" workout. It wasn't very difficult but neither was ab ripper the first few times. I'm sure it will get harder as I get better at the moves and as I'm feeling sore because of all the other workouts.

I think I am definitely going to kickboxing tonight. Let's see how I feel tomorrow morning.