All I wanted for Christmas - 80s baby version

In honor of the Christmas Holiday, I started thinking about all those presents I wished for as a kid. I've seen a few other bloggers make similar lists and I think now is the perfect time to let you in on a few of my wants from childhood. I have great parents who love gift giving. They really did always get me what I wanted, but sometimes things were lost in translation (my parents don't speak English) or lost in monetary value. You'll see what I mean in a few.


As a child and even young adult, I loved Barbie. The pink, the lifestyle, and the awesomeness of all her outfits, really did draw me. I was a Barbie fanatic. In true "Barbie crazed girl" fashion, I wanted a Ken doll. Barbie had to share her dream house and Ferrari with someone!

Well, the first Christmas that I ever asked for a Ken doll, I got one BUT not really. He looked something like this:

This guy is currently being sold at Wal-Mart for $10 so just imagine how much my 1980s "Ken" was. My parents must have found him for $5 somewhere. The thing is . . . . at least the modern version has jeans on. The doll my parents gave me, was wearing a 1960s prom tuxedo. It was shiny and gross. So of course, I made him out to be the "ugly boy who crushed on Barbie" as she longed for Ken for another year! Funny thing is, the 2nd Ken doll I ever received was wearing swim trunks. So I had to change his outfit to the ugly tux anyway.

And yes, that is HAIR on a male doll. In case you didn't recognize.

Teddy Ruxbin

Remember him? How cute was this teddy bear that could talk? Well, not really . . he read short stories off of a cassette tape and moved his eyes, but you know what I mean. In the 80s, Teddy Ruxbin was all the rage. I wanted one so bad.

Instead, I got this:


He isn't as cute as Teddy was, but oh my god . . . just looking at this pic brings so much joy! After I got over the, "this isn't Teddy Ruxbin" shock . . . I LOVED BINGO. He wasn't as independent as Mr. Ruxbin. In order for him to talk, you had to put your hand in his neck (like a puppet) and press down. He had a few recorded phrases that he could say but he was worth hours of playtime.


Jill the Talking Doll

I am so happy that my parents didn't give me this toy. Check out the video:


A friend of mine did get this doll and I went over to her house to check it out and I was so creeped out by her. She didn't move as smoothly as in the commercial and she really had no clue what to say. Jill and her stupid cassette tapes scared the hell out of me!

So happy I got the Baby Alive instead:


Other awesome 80s Christmas presents:

PJ Sparkles. She was so dainty.


Oh wow, look at this! Lil Miss Dress up. HOW FUN WAS SHE? Amazing color changing outfit.


LIte-Brite.  Turn on the magic of shining light.


I can go on for hours but I can't so: