2011's top posts

Hello everyone! I hope your having a happy holiday season. For those who celebrate the birth of our homeboy JC, Merry Christmas to you YO! I started my blog in the summer of 2011 and because of it, I've been inspired to write, share, and learn. I am so grateful that I mustered up the courage to start sharing publicly.

Thanks to Shareaholic and Google Analytics, I am able to look back at the past six month to see what my top posts were. It's interesting to see what you folks are reading and sharing and I hope to bring you greater posts in 2012.

My top 12 blog posts are:

  1. Epsom Salt in Your Fitness Routine. The first blog post I wrote that was picked up by another website and published on their front page.
  2. Tanya Beardsley's Warm Ups and Cool Downs.I love Tanya B.

    tanya beardsley

  3. Chickpea Brownies. I hope everyone who tried these liked them just as much as I did.
  4. Butternut Squash Soup. One of the few recipes I have shared on this blog and one of my favorites.
  5. Zumba Video Game for Nintendo Wii. I was so excited to finally play this game and even more excited that it has significantly improved.
  6. My experience at Hair Extensions NYC. Jessica was too nice to me for me not to write an awesome review for her.
  7. Join the reboot. That documentary has totally changed my outlook on food and juicing. I hope its helped you all as well.
  8. Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit - a Weight Gain Journey. Drew Manning. Dude, he's awesome.fit2fat2fit
  9. Guess Who's Shameless? ME! Dude, I'm awesome. 
  10. En route to the Zumba Convention. I wrote this very early in my blogging days. I was so eager to write something that I wrote it in the airport minutes before boarding.
  11. P90x2 Fit Test. The journey has only begun.
  12. ilovekickboxing.com. I have totally slacked on my kickboxing game this holiday season but I'll be back in the New Year.

Happy New Year!