P90x2 Month One

This is my first post of 2012. Happy New Year friends! It's taken awhile for me to post because I was caught up in jury duty and still feeling the post-holiday burn. It's been a rough week with all the traveling to Federal Court, working at night and trying to maintain my sanity. Needless to say, I ate like crap. I tried my best to snack lightly throughout the day but when you aren't let out for lunch until way after "lunchtime," you are RAVENOUS. I've done my due diligence as a citizen of this country and now I'd like to get back to doing my due diligence as a blogger. I haven't blogged much about p90x2 once the first week was over because I wasn't sure what else to write. As I am nearing my last week of month one, I figured it was the perfect time to reflect on the month. Here are my thoughts:

  • This is more than muscle confusion, its total brain confusion. I was able to memorize the p90x moves quickly and barely needed to watch or listen to Tony. With P90x2, I am still trying to remember what move is what, the correct form, what's next, etc. etc. For a control freak, this is difficult.
  • It's hard but not impossible. The moves are not beginner moves. Tony puts a spin on every basic move. The Dreya Roll is different. Burpees are different. Pull-ups are different. Yet, they were all derived from basic moves.
  • Even if you can't do everything right out the box, you feel comfortable attempting. Ex:  For the first two weeks (I am doing a four- or five-week month 1 due to the holidays), I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do for mule kick burpees. I watched it over and over again and just couldn't get it. So I went back to basics. Started with basic burpees and built a comfort level. Then I noticed that the burpees were similar to "jumping to plank" in the yoga dvd and I practiced that. Got comfortable using my arms to hold up my body weight and BAM! by week three I was able to do three CORRECT mule kick burpees. Sure, just three but this is the foundation phase and I can stay in this phase as long as I want before I move on to phase two.
  • I miss my "regular" folk. I feel like every person on these dvd's (so far) are Beachbody superstars. Yes, many of them are Beachbody coaches or people who have truly transformed their lives using p90x but they are masters of these moves.  I miss the modifier on the side grunting and hurting and building up his/her strength. I related to the Daniel Hass' of the p90x world. The people who are on these dvd's, even the ones modifying, are rock stars!
  • I actually miss Tony's corniness. Did someone tell him to chill out with his jokes or something? I had Tony's jokes committed to memory and I miss hearing "sweaty sock soup." ;-)