New Year, Clean Slate.

I was reading Self Magazine this morning, and found an article I thought I should share with you all. Here is the online version of the article. The most interesting fact I read was in regards to partying too hard while you were younger. "If you're healthy these days, don't fret about past overimbibing (drinking too much), says Tram Tran, M.D., medical director of liver transplantation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center."

It's just another reason to turn your life around and get healthy. To avoid damage of your liver:

  • Drink moderately (one drink a day) - who can handle more than that anyway. Nowadays, one drink is enough for me.
  • Eat liver loving foods - Broccoli, cabbage. cauliflower, garlic
  • Exercise
  • Have some coffee

Check out the article and see what else they have to say about correcting health mistakes of the past.