What's up with the yolk?

Most health magazines stress egg whites as a substitute for whole eggs. This has made a lot of people believe that egg whites are better than the whole egg.

The food industry definitely has a way of getting us to buy more things in a carton  and less products straight from the source. They've taken what health magazines, fitness trainers, and chefs recommend as a substitute and made people believe that it's THE BEST CHOICE. Keyword: SUBSTITUTE.

Eggs are a great source of protein and the yolk, a source of B12 vitamin. A medium egg averages around 60 calories and has about 6 grams of protein. As a breakfast food, it's a good deal because they are satisfying, filling, and low on caloric intake. Of course, the oil in the pan, the butter on the bread, and the bacon that people usually pair it with - change the scenario. That doesn't mean whole eggs are BAD for you and I think you should definitely include them in your diet. Consider substituting cereal for two whole eggs or an omelet with veggies once a week.

Why do people worry about eggs?

One word, cholesterol. The yolk of a medium egg is estimated to have 186mg of cholesterol. This is about 62% of your daily value. A person eating eggs in the morning for breakfast, McDonalds Lunch, and Pork Chops for dinner should definitely worry. Someone who is health conscious and doesn't have cholesterol problems, shouldn't worry as much.

I prefer the whole egg over the egg whites but I read on the teambeachbody.com website that there's a happy medium. Some people use one whole egg and then substitute the second egg with egg whites. You get a little of both worlds. Not so bad if you're worried about cholesterol but don't want to sacrifice taste.