Taking Care of Customers

I think it's really cool when a company cares about what their consumers think. As we all know, most business decisions are based solely on the bottom line. Company values go out the window, just to make a profit. It's the nature of the beast. So, when I hear about a company that takes their customers seriously and takes their suggestions to improve their products, I get excited. Back in 2009 (I wasn't blogging then), Cascadian Farm (the company that makes the frozen fruit that I make this yummy smoothie with), changed their manufacturing process. Due to that change, they changed their recipe for their Honey O's and Purely O's cereal. They added corn meal to the first AND added corn meal and sugar to the latter. Generally speaking, consumers of Cascadian Farm products are more health conscious than the typical cereal consumer. Going from one gram to three grams of sugar is a big deal. Consumers reacted and reached out to the company to let them know that the change was not appreciated.

And now, in 2012: Honey Nut O's has no corn added and Purely O's contains only ONE GRAM of sugar and no corn as well.

That's a win for the consumers and the company! Yay!

 Look out for the new box at the supermarket. There's a big "NEW" sticker on the front.