P90x2: Chest, Back and Balance - THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY

How can anyone say that P90x2 isn't difficult? I've read the TeamBeachbody.com boards and there really are people out there who are upset with the moves in this DVD set.

How many Dr. Bruce Banner's do we have in this world?

P90x2 is super hard and Phase 2 is NO JOKE. If you are a gymnast or an Olympic athlete, perhaps you have no problem, but I think ANYONE would be humbled after going through Chest, Back, and Balance.

Tony says it best when he says that we got comfortable with the push-up so he added a twist. He takes it up MORE than just a notch. I decided I would attempt every move no matter how crazy it looked and then I would modify. Why the hell not? I have nothing to lose and no one standing around laughing at me. I will say that I definitely need that Chin-up assist gadget they use in the video. There were some moves that are just impossible for me to do without that thing. Not even a chair helped.

My new friends are the guy modifying the workout and the fitness model (Kelly Gonzalez) using the P90x

Chin-Up Max Assist. One day, I can be like Tony Horton but today isn't the day. I am okay with that. This workout, and all the other p90x2 workouts, feel like programs I will continue using for a long time.

I have decided that for now, I will ALWAYS try the workout as is and when I start getting shaky, I will pause and modify the move to something easier so that I can get the reps in. This way I am working on my balance and testing my improvement while working out.

There is so much room for improvement. Whether it's reps, difficulty, or mastering the move itself, the dvd set is for a broad range of fitness enthusiasts. I am looking forward to mastering at least one move on the Chest, Back, and Balance dvd.