P90x2: Shoulders and Arms - perfection

My favorite P90x workout was the Shoulders and Arms routine. The moves were effective, the dvd was easy to follow, and amount of time spent working out was just right. I was looking forward to doing the P90x2 Shoulders and Arms routine and I finally got to do it yesterday. No disappointments. I wondered, "how could Tony and the Beachbody team make this workout any better?" Three rounds of seven different moves and four variations on each move. That's how. The common theme throughout the P90x2 series is balance and core, so expect to stand on one foot, use the balance ball, and tighten up the abdomen.

I loved the pace of the workout.  Although, it's only seven moves, you need time to get into position and make sure your form is correct before you get that foot off the floor or on the balance ball. You definitely get more than enough time and it doesn't feel as rushed as other workouts in the series where I find myself pausing and rewinding a lot. I believe this dvd ran a little under an hour (55 minutes) and it's definitely a workout you can bring to the gym, once you get the moves down and know the time spent in each sequence. It's also the perfect routine to take on the road. Very little equipment necessary.

So far Phase 2 is turning out to be very similar to P90x and I like it. I have NOTHING negative to say about p90x2 Shoulders and Arms. Looking forward to doing it again next week.