Baby Got Back (and Base)

Today was my very first Base and Back p90x2 workout and WOW was that rough. This workout is all pull ups and plyometrics. I expected to do pull ups but I didn't expect all the plyo jumping. The heart rate shot up to 140bpm after the second move! Apparently, its similar to the One-on-One Base and Back workout that P90x users were able to purchase as an addition to the dvd series but in true Melissa fashion, I jumped right in without having a clue.

The workout consists of 10 moves alternating between pull-up exercises and plyometric exercises. Your back and your legs are on fire after the first round. After the water break, you get to do all 10 moves again. I felt the dvd was easy-to-follow and the breaks in between each move allowed for less pausing and more doing.

After the workout and before writing this post, I decided to google what other people thought of the dvd and I really enjoyed reading this guys review of the moves. Instead of repeating what he just said. I'll just send you over there to read more.

Ciao for now!

Next day update: Soreness all over. I feel the same soreness on my legs that I would feel after doing the p90x Legs and Back workout. Looking forward to pressing play on the Recovery and Mobility dvd. It's about that time.