My Crappy Bathroom

Currently, my apartment represents my life . . . a little messy but clearing up soon. I hope! For both the bathroom and the life.

I purchased a great apartment three years ago. For the most part, it's in great condition but one of the areas of the apartment that I hated from the very beginning was the bathroom. The guy who owned the place before I did, never really cared to take care of things and to top it off, not too long after I moved in, we had water in our walls due to a plumbing issue upstairs. Since then, things haven't been pretty in the bathroom.

I am a busy girl so I covered it up as much as I could with a bathroom cabinet and kept it moving. And it worked, until other areas of the wall started chipping away.

We have finally decided to take control of the situation and fix up the walls. Due to this burst of motivation, our bathroom accessories are EVERYWHERE!

It's a mess in here and I can't really do anything about it until the guy is done with our walls. He started last week and is coming back on Monday. I hope this is over with soon because I can't take it anymore.

The good news is that this will finally allow me to purchase a cute wall cabinet for the bathroom and perhaps even a medicine cabinet!  yay. I am not remodeling the bathroom yet but this fix will be a HUGE improvement and I am excited to decorate.

I went on Pinterest for some inspiration and here are a few items I pinned:

I really want a cabinet that will hide all my crap and the blue accent on this is really cute. Source: via Fun. on Pinterest


Simple and clean. About $70 on Amazon. Source: via Fun. on Pinterest
If only I can be THIS organized. Source: via Fun. on Pinterest
I like everything about this! Source: via Fun. on Pinterest

I'm headed over to Home Goods today to check out what they have. I'll also be stopping by Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Ikea to check out their items. Any ideas on where I should shop for my storage cabinet or what else I should shop for? I'd love his and hers towel racks too. Monogrammed towels? Ideas anyone?

Oh and for good measure, here's a cute pic of the kitty.