Lamps, Birthdays, Jimmy Fallon, Massages . . . it's the little things

After one of the most sleepless weeks of my life, a little things post is just what I need to remember that many special moments occur despite the craziness. 1. I purchased new lamps for my home and I am crazy over them. The best part is that I purchased them at Target without much input from the man in the house, but when I brought them in, he loved them just as much.

2. This week was the man's birthday. I decided to celebrate it last Friday. We got a couples massage at Rachele Rose Day Spa in Hartsdale, NY and went to a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon show. I was finally able to watch our show on Hulu Plus. It was the episode with The Rock. We had so much fun, laughed so hard, and experienced something new together.


On Valentine's day, I took my mother out for a Valentine's Day lunch. We went to Applebee's at the Gateway Center and had a great time together. Best thing, there were so many other people with their moms.

4. I went shopping at The Limited. I always had this misconception (that I happened to create at 16 years old) that The Limited was an "old lady's store." Well, I guess I am at that age because I loved all their items. Here's to more old lady shopping experiences!

5. I bumped into my kickboxing instructor at the mall who urged me to return to class. I hope I can make it next week.

6. Oooh, and I also found time for the workout!!! yay, back to that Beachbody bod.