P90x2 Progress

I know it's been awhile since I last updated everyone on my P90x2 journey but I refuse to be redundant and write about it every single day without noting progress. But, recently, I had a few breakthroughs!

P90x2 Shoulders and Arms

The weight I use for most of the Shoulders and Arms exercises has increased to 8 to 10lbs. I'm also doing every exercise with one leg on the stability ball. It's tough but I have improved tremendously in terms of balance. I love improvement.

X2 Yoga

Yoga had always been my most dreaded work out in the P90x series but when I first watched the X2 Yoga, I was impressed with the flow of the moves and how basic it felt. It's still difficult but I am able to hold the moves longer and do feel my chest and shoulders opening up. However, standing splits and that whole sequence is still difficult. I'm the girl falling over every couple of seconds. Needless to say, yoga isn't my most dreaded workout anymore. You can replace that with Chest, Back and Balance.