Gym Airports

I received a Google Alert this morning on an interesting article published in USA Today titled, "Airports get into the fitness craze for stressed travelers." As flight delays become part of the everyday in the airline business, airports are finding new ways to entertain travelers. Enter the airport gym:

  • San Francisco International has a yoga room in Terminal 2
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has a 1.4-mile walking path
  • Los Angeles International Airport, offers an 18-hole golf course, yoga and tai chi classes

There's also a website where you can find out whether or not the airport you are stuck at, has a fitness opportunity.

I haven't seen any of these options at NY area airports but I hope they jump on the trend soon. JFK has so many opportunities with its long tunnels and walkways. I doubt a running track would be difficult to add.  JetBlue should definitely add a gym. Their terminal is already entertaining but a fitness center will take it to the next level. I'll teach a Zumba class for JetBlue points! ;-) Definitely beats sitting around eating junk food from the concession stand. Now, you just have to decide the bar vs. the gym.

Have you visited any airports or airport hotels offering workout options?