My First Look At Spring Workout Gear

Spring is in the air and while other women are shopping for wedges, skirts, and spring jewelry, I am on the prowl for new workout apparel. I love taking advantage of outdoor activities and my favorite outfit is always something comfortable. Spring is the time for color and I LOVE COLOR. Here, in New York, we always get too excited over Spring and forget that it's still chilly out. Something about seeing the sun for longer hours, the birds chirping and the leaves growing on trees, makes people (including me) think its okay to walk around with less clothing even though the temperature is 60 degrees. I'm sure this mild winter won't help us out much.

This jacket (24.99 from Target) combines color and warmth to make a perfect Spring outdoor activity jacket.  This Athleta top is perfect for indoor workouts and the occasional warm days. The yellow color is so sunny. $49

I love hoodies. They make me feel warm and protected. I'm also a sucker for graphic tees. This hoodie is colorful, warm, and the phrase on it makes me want to kick some booty. Dick's Sporting Goods, $34.99.

Cute, no? Lucy Activewear, $19.99

These pants are bright and a great price. Lucy Activewear, $39.99

Similar style to the pants above but longer and warmer. Lucy Activewear, $39

Can you tell I love purple, bright blues, and pink?