See You On The Rainbow Bridge

I apologize for the deviating from the topic on the blog but this was a great outlet. Thank you. The power of social networking helped me make a very powerful decision yesterday. I gave Cinnamon back to the heavens that let me care for her for six months. She had too many complications caused by FIP including heart failure and a large mass in her stomach. I was told that if I wanted to bring her home, I would have her for another few weeks. I could have given her steroids but her heart would have gone into failure at home. It was, overall, a very complicated scenario. Believe me, ALL I wanted to do was pick her up and run out the hospital with her. Tell the docs they were crazy and believe in a miracle. I wanted to believe that Cinna-pez would be herself again but my two very honest and sincere vets told me otherwise. Keeping her around would only be for our happiness and not hers.

I'll see you on the rainbow bridge Cinnamon! I hope while you are there you will find Brownie (my dog of 17 years), and Fred, Ted, and Ed (my beta fish that lived a year each). Yesterday, I created a few online memorials for you but I also put one together at home right by your food dish that we loved and hated all the same. Eating had always been a problem with Cinnamon and perhaps it was due to the development of the mass in her abdomen. We had no idea.

This is my memorial to you:

A closer look:

I will miss you and I am so grateful that I met you Cinnamon.

Today, I've decided to workout outside of the house. I might do that a little more for a while. My p90x2 workouts revolved around ways to entertain the cat for an hour while I worked out. I would put a mat down for me and then a mat down for her with toys underneath. This way she could spend the hour on her mat looking for toys and not lying under me while I was performing pushups. I'll get back to P90x when I feel ready enough to be home. For now, its time to go to kickboxing and punch some bags. I need to get my aggression out.

Thanks again everyone for reading and allowing me to mourn publicly on this blog.