Ripped in 30 Day 1

Wow that was an intense 30 minutes. I am so happy it was JUST 30 minutes.

This was my first ever Jillian Michaels workout and I can see why her fans love her. She is tough. I was a little skeptical over it. I mean, I have seen her on The Biggest Loser and I know she's no joke but I have been so accustomed to buying DVDs with female instructors and finding the routines to be too easy.  I am so happy this wasn't easy. I like to push hard and I like to be challenged. If it's easy then I am not giving my all and I am not striving for a better me.

The moves were very similar to P90x moves . . . especially in terms of the cardio piece. Lots of Plyo - but only a total of 6 minutes so its bearable. Once you are exhausted of a move, she's on to the next one, and its harder but in time ... that too shall past.

The workout is fast pace. You never stop moving, which helps your heart rate stays up and doesn't drop. At the beginning of the work out, my heart rate was 70. By the warm up, it shot up to 106.

The routine follows a 3-2-1 system.

Three different circuits that include:

  • Three minutes of strength
  • Two minutes of cardio
  • One minute of abs

For one week, you do the same routine about 5 to 6 times a week and then you switch over to week 2. None of the exercises are repeated week-by-week. I am sure this will help reduce boredom. That, and the fact that its only 30 minutes long! I can't get over it.

I kept stopping along the workout to take a picture of my heart rate.  This is midway:

During the cardio portion of the last circuit, my heart rate jumped as high as 170 but I wasn't able to catch that, so here it is at 166.

The active movement portion is a total of 18 minutes with a warm up and a cool down. It's totally doable. She has two other women on the set with her. One is there to show you the advance moves and the other is there to help you modify. If you are someone who works out often or has done P90x, I say follow the advance person. It's 18 minutes of movement, go as hard as you can! Modify only if necessary.

Overall, I am looking forward to completing this dvd. Taking small steps before I attempt P90x2 all over again.