Impress Nails

I received a new Shoedazzle order in the mail recently and in the box was a trial set of 24 Impress Nails by Broadway Nails. I haven't worn press-on nails since the junior high school "Sally Hansen" days. Remember, the nail glue that resembled boogers!  But the nails were free and I thought it would be a great blog post. So, I decided to give it a try.

The Broadway Nails Impress website and the packaging says:

  • No drying time–The imPRESS Press-On Manicure delivers an instant salon-perfect manicure without the drying time of polish or nail glue.
  • Superior, lasting shine—An indestructible top coat that rivals the best salon gel polish.
  • Easy removal—Gently peel from sides or apply polish remover around the edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off.
  • Lasts up to a week—When applied properly, imPress Press-On Manicure lasts up to a week while keeping nails protected. What polish can say that!

The packaging is really cute and Nicole Scherzinger is the face for the product. It looks like they have different patterns and colors as well.

Image source

The color I received didn't have a name to it but you can check it out below. It was pretty easy to use. The nails come in different sizes and I was able to find 10 that fit my fingers. The best part, NO NEED FOR BOOGER GLUE!

They give you a cleansing wipe to clean your nails. I don't wear nail polish often so I didn't have to remove any but you should definitely remove polish from your nails before proceeding. All you have to do is peel off the clear backing and place them on the nails. They make it a point to let you know that you must PRESS FIRMLY. I think its on the packaging a number of times. I pressed firmly and in less than five minutes, I had all the nails on my fingers. A day later, I still have the nails!

Broadway Nails claims they will last a total of seven days. If you want to remove them before then, just rub some nail polish remover on the sides, wait a minute, and they should peel right off.


You can find the nails at CVS or Walmart and other retailers.