Casall in the U.S.

I love it when I receive little surprises in the mail. This week, I received my Idea Fitness Journal with a magazine for the Casall Spring/Summer fitness clothing line.

I love fitness wear and if I could wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would. Oh wait, I DO! Except when I have to go into an office, of course.

"Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, freshness and beauty. Casall has been Europe's premium fitness and sporting apparel line for 30 years. With very limited availability to the US in the past, we are thrilled to bring Casall stateside - beautiful apparel that inspires you to look, feel, and perform your best." - Carl-Axel Surtevall, Founder and CEO of Casall Sport.

Check out their website. Their clothing even has a warranty! It's definitely on the pricey side but I hope to get my hands on some of the items to let you know about the quality.

We'll talk soon!