Some Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

So my sister posted a link to this blog on her Facebook page, that then lead me to this blog, and I thought . . . hmm I should do that. I started as a way to share my ideas on fitness routines, review a few classes and dvds, and share my life. However, it's only a piece of my life. Sometimes I'd like to write more, but I always think about my blog's topic and genre. It's really narrow and going off on tangents can take me far off the beaten path.

So, I guest blog on Danfredo Rivera or Adventure of Modern Mom to explore other blog topics.

Regardless, I thought, "just this once wouldn't hurt anyone AND it may help you understand ME a little more."

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1. I eat something sweet everyday. I don't care either. I work hard and I feel I deserve it. Chocolate chip cookies are the number one weakness. They are not junk food in my book.

2. I live like a college student. I have to make a true effort to do adult things like cook a meal, do the dishes, laundry, and put my things away. I'd rather lay on the sofa.

3. When I don't workout, I have a PANG of guilt followed by the thought that I will wake up morbidly obese the next day. Hey, I know its irrational BUT it does run through my mind. Don't hate me for it.

4. I hate telling people no. I will overbook myself on weekends just because I don't want to disappoint my friends. People, I don't like being busy. I am going to start saying no more and you are going to deal with it. Ok? Thanks!

5. In high school, I didn't eat. I wouldn't call it anorexia (denial? sure.) because I don't want to but there was a time when I JUST DIDN'T eat. I was like 100 pounds and it wasn't cute.

6. A lot of people think I don't want kids. The truth is, I want lots. I actually love children very much but I am realistic about my life and my constraints right now. If one day, I could be a stay at home mom, I would. DONE.

7. I am terrified of being a sick person. I try hard to be healthy because there are many ailments that run in my family and I want to dodge them all.

8. I want to be an active senior. Old and Youthful.

9. I hate pork and beef. I'm not even that big of a rice and beans fan either. Yes, I am Puerto Rican. Perhaps its all the salchichas I ate as a kid. I don't know.

10. I wish I related more to my family. We get along and truly love each other, but we really don't have the same interests or do the same things. Movies and writing, perhaps?

11. I really didn't want to grow up. When I was 11, I would CRY thinking that 13 was so close. Boobs and boys were terrifying. I am 29, and I still feel the same way (fear of boobs and boys included . . . lol).

12. I love toys and I played with them far into age 16 or even way longer than that. I still love toys. I LOVE Barbie dolls. I can still play "make-believe" with my nieces and it doesn't take much effort.

13. I have the best, most vivid dreams. It's always been that way and still is. They rock. My imagination is awesome EXCEPT when it gets into some scary, deep, nightmarish scenarios.

14. I am TERRIFIED of the dark. My eyes can't adjust to darkness at all. I cannot navigate through my own home when the lights are out. I know everyone can't REALLY see in the dark but I CAN'T THINK in the dark. Like, I don't even know what's right in front of me once the lights are out. This translates to evenings as well. I don't like the dark (period) and hate walking alone at night. So please don't come up with this grand idea that I am going to meet you somewhere at night because I won't, unless I am with back-up.

15. However, I love being alone. I can become a hermit rather quickly without realizing, because I actually enjoy it. A lot of things are much more fun for me when done alone, like shopping, strolling through NYC, and lunch outdoors by the Hudson River.