BlowPro Faux Shampoo

Hi mom's! Happy Mother's Day to you all. Here's a little treat for you today, my review of blowPro's Faux Dry Shampoo.

Their marketing materials say:

This dry shampoo helps to instantly remove excess oil and buildup without water. For anyone who wants to prolong their blow dry styled hair. Safe for color-treated and processed hair.


  • Instantly removes excess oil.
  • Makes hair appear fuller.
  • Aids in keeping your color from fading.

This was one of the products that came in my FitBlogNYC goodie bag. I tried it the other day and was amused with the results.

It's a fairly simple product to use:
1.Stare at the mirror in disappoint as you realize, ten minutes before you have to walk out the door, that your hair looks like crap.
2. Part your hair, squeeze the bottle, and out comes this powder.
This is the fun part.
3. Once you are done, they recommend you "brush" your hair with your fingers and voila, no more shiny.
Not sure if my pics did the product justice. It did give my hair more volume and reduced the shine but my hair felt kind of hard after. Definitely not the soft, clean, blow dried feel BUT my hair wasn't clean or recently blow dried, so I can't ask for miracles here.
Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a beautiful day with your family and spend the day exactly as you wish. I'm off to some quality time with my beautiful mami.
Besos to all.