Ripped in 30, Week 3

I just realized I hadn't posted about Week 3. I am doing some extra days because I slacked last week so I am still on week 3.  This has turned out to be Ripped in 45 with slacking days. :( Sorry Jillian! Overall, it's great. Anyone familiar with P90x, Week 3 includes Dreya Rolls, jump squats, jump lunges and other plyometric-/core synergistics-like moves. I feel like this routine helps maintain my metabolism high throughout the day. I'm ravenous.

The routine goes by very quickly but you think you will die . . . the entire 20 minutes. You won't, I promise. The warm-up is quite dynamic and very different from Week 1 and 2 and you immediately start with bear crawls and the worst exercise in the circuit . . . DUCK WALKS.


The cardio portion feels like strength and the abs portion feels like cardio. It is what it is. Jillian Michael's is the queen of combining different muscle groups in one exercise. It's worth it, check out my abs.

I'm happy, and this with a bunch of slacking days! Imagine if I was doing it as planned!