Working Out While On The Road

Hello out there! I was on such a roll with blogging last week and I am so disappointed with myself for not having posted at all this week. I was "on the road" for work most of the week and unable to catch a moment to post. However, I did find the time to workout.

How many of you workout while on vacation? a work trip? or getaway? Do you make time for your workout or would you rather stay far away?

I like to find time for exercise while away from home. It makes me feel accomplished and less guilty for the (sometimes) horrible eating habits. As I was packing my bag for my hotel stay with weights, yoga mat, and workout dvd, I recalled how I even worked out while in Tanzania. Yes, I found a gym in Africa. No excuses, PEOPLE!

It's important to me to start or end my day with a little gym induced sweat action. Although, this may not be as important to everyone, I highly recommend that if you are working towards a goal, you make it a point to find time for a workout. Making excuses for yourself or chalking it up to "not having enough time" will really hurt you if you are trying to form a new habit.

Below are some tips, I put together throughout the week:

  • Add workout gear to your bag for each day you will be away.
  • Running shoes are perfect for any time away as you can always find a place to run/walk.
  • Pack some hand weights in case their isn't a gym available. (see my hotel gym below.)

  • Bring your favorite workout dvd along with you.
  • When you arrive, scope out the health club.

  • Check to see if the hotel offers any classes or if there's a fitness/health channel on the hotel television stations. Many times there's a 24-hour channel.
  • Carve out 30 minutes of your day. EVERYONE can spare 30 minutes. Perhaps your 30 minutes can be during a favorite television show.
  • Consider going for a swim as a workout prior to lounging around at the pool bar with your frozen drink in hand.
  • Don't compare yesterday to today. Meaning, if you missed your workout yesterday, today is a new day and you can always start again.