Bike and Roll - NYC

I posted on my personal Facebook page that yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER. And it really was. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I used our Groupon for a Full Day Comfort Bike Rental for Two from Bike and Roll. They have various locations throughout NYC but we decided to pick up our bikes on Pier 84, Hudson River Park located at 557 12th Avenue @43rd street. It's right across from the Circle LIne Tours Terminal and the Intrepid.

That's the Intrepid behind me.

Other locations are at:

  • Central Park, Columbus Circle, W. 59th Street
  • Battery Park, Pier A
  • Riverside Park, btwn W 70th and W 71st
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park, Old Fulton Street @ the waterfront/ferry
  • West Harlem Piers Park, Greenway @ 135th Street
  • Central Park, 67th and Central Park West, Tavern on the Green
  • East River Park, Houston and E 6th Street
  • Highbridge Park, 90 Dyckman Street
  • Governors Island, 10 South Street @ Whitehall Street.
  • Prospect Park, Grand Army Plaza

I felt like we picked the perfect day to go. The morning had been rainy and cloudy but the afternoon was glorious. We decided to take the West Side all the way down to Battery Park, then South Street Seaport, up to the Brooklyn Bridge. We road our bikes on the Brooklyn Bridge twice and then headed back to the west side on Reade Street.

I think this is the most fun I have ever had in NYC. I saw a different side of the city than I've never seen before. It was the most beautiful mix of concrete and green ever. I now know why people refer to NYC as the best city in the world and why so many people like to visit. If you ever want to see the REAL NYC, see it on a bike. We rode on dedicated bike paths, on the streets; weaving in and out of traffic and avoiding pedestrians. It was amazing. I kept saying, "WHERE AM I?"

I thought the best way to show you how beautiful it all is, was to take pictures. I took as many pictures as I could while on my bike. Hope you enjoy.

At Hudson River Park, there are a few things you should note. You must dismount anytime you want to go to the parks near the water, otherwise you can ride merrily along the way like the man is doing. There are skateboarders, runners, rollerbladers and bikers all over, so make sure to smile!

The area by Chelsea Piers was one of my favorites. On the left and the right of you, there's concrete but the path is lined with trees and beautiful flowers.

Beautiful contrasts on Pier 54. Luxury buildings and an old unused pier that you can bike on and say hello to JERSEY!

It's Fleet Week and there are free boat tours all over the place. This ship is the Gazela and it was built in 1883 in Cacilhas, Portugal. She was part of the Portuguese Cod Fishing Fleet. How cool!

Battery Park posed the biggest challenge. All our senses were up. Cabbies, tour groups, pedestrians, street vendors and dogs. Somehow I managed to find the beauty in it all and take photographs.

We finally made it to the Brooklyn Bridge and I couldn't have been happier. The pedestrians also posed a problem here as they were ALWAYS walking on the bike lane but I got the hang of it and followed the lead of more seasoned riders, yelling "THIS IS A BIKE LANE ... MOVE!" to anyone who got in my way. I giggled the first time I did it but afterwards, it was a necessity. We also had bells to make ourselves known but my big mouth worked best.

I have driven on the Brooklyn Bridge many times but this was a different experience. This structure is grand. Being amongst all the cable, the brick, and the iron, helps you appreciate all its beauty. This was the best part of the trip and I am so happy we rode on it twice!

Can you tell how happy I am?

If you are interested in Bike and Roll, I highly recommend visiting their website. We used a Groupon so it was just $30 for both bikes but I believe its $88 for the full day tour. We were given the bikes, the helmets, a pouch, and a lock and key, in the case we wanted to stop and needed to park our bikes. I highly recommend it!

And if you are interested in touring Brooklyn, while we were there, we met Tony Mantione. He does Brooklyn Bike Tours and takes you to Brooklyn's best pizza!

That's him on the left. His website it and his number is 646-235-8247.

Have a great memorial day weekend!