Weekend Womance

This weekend, I'd like to reflect on last weekend. Only because it was great.

First up .... my West Side run with my girl V. I had originally planned a date for us to take a bootcamp class together. She and I both have boyfriends that aren't as crazy about workouts as we are so we try to encourage one another and do activities together. I found a LivingSocial deal for PeaceCore. It was for a bootcamp class set on or near the Highline. I didn't quite get it but I signed us up anyway. It sounded like fun. Anyway, we arrive a little late and we couldn't find the class. I tried contacting the instructor numerous times and received a text message that they were working out near the water. We couldn't find them anywhere. We definitely didn't see them on the water as we walked back and forth like two lost puppies. It was a big disappointment as I was really looking forward to reviewing the class. Outdoor workouts are my fav during the summer and V and I were pretty upset.

We were in trendy Chelsea in workout gear with no where to go. However, we are resourceful and refused to let this ruin our plans. We decided to go for a run! It was great. The weekend prior, I was in the same neighborhood on a bike so I was pretty familiar with the area. We ran from 16th street to 34th street and back, a total of 2.4 miles. Along the way, I snapped some photographs. Check them out.

I was very impressed with my Canon Powershot's ability to take photos as I was running. No blur.

I wish I had a better zoom lens because the moon was so pretty peeking through the clear sky.

I stopped for this pic.

My running date!

We saw a marching band!

This was an awesome girls date.

After our run, we decided to get as far away as possible from the trendiness of Chelsea so we headed over to the east side and caught dinner at South Street Seaport. I'd say it was a perfect date.

The following day, I met up with D. Yes, I call all my friends by their first initial. ;-)

She was up in Westchester for work so we went for a stroll around Lyndhurst Castle. I had never been there before but another friend (let's call her L . . heehee) had mentioned it to me and I was curious. What beautiful grounds!

From their website:

"Lyndhurst, a Gothic Revival-style mansion, designed by the renowned American architect A. J. Davis in 1838, served as the home to former New York City mayor William Paulding, merchant George Merritt, railroad tycoon Jay Gould, and also hundreds of servants and other employees and their families through the years.  The site reflects nearly 175 years of life on the Hudson River contained in 67 park-like acres that includes 16 structures – such as a Lord & Burnham steel-framed Greenhouse complex and the oldest regulation bowling alley in the United States – and a collection of more than 4,000 objects, many highlighted in stained glass illuminated rooms filled with original pieces by Davis, Herter Brothers, and Tiffany, as well as paintings by Bouguereau, Gerome, and Daubigny."

The views of the Hudson River are amazing and the grounds are beautifully kept.

Moral of the story:  Every girl needs a little womance.