Holistic Health Care

Yesterday, I was at an event and met Dr. Louis Castaldi of Holistic Health Care in Eastchester. I have an appointment with him after I get back from vacation. I told him about this new problem I developed with my knee. I am not in pain but I am uncomfortable. I feel like the tendons around it are inflamed. It feels similar to the achilles tendonitis I suffered from a while back. I don't want to worry myself too much but after diagnosing myself with 10 different issues via WebMD, I thought it was best to talk to someone who has dealt with this before.

He thinks it's jumper's knee!  Another overuse injury. He says it may be directly related to the tendonitis since I really didn't take care of it. He thinks I may be compensating now with my knee since my ankle isn't doing too hot. Whooptidoo!!!!!!!! I was told by the last doc I saw that there was nothing he could do about tendonitis. This doc says there is. Hmm. I am going to give it shot. Why the hell not, right? I can't keep dealing with these issues!

I am actually excited to go check out a holistic health care doc. In the meantime, I've got the athletic tape doing its job.

Apparently, I have to use it for both my right ankle and right knee for best support. I like this one, KT Tape, because it comes in cool colors. Of course, I purchased the hot pink one.

Anyone have a similar experience? Please share. I will update you all on my experience after I return from vacay.