Photo A Day June

This month on Instagram, I decided to take the #photoadayjune challenge created up by @fatmumslim.

A couple of friends and I played along and I am proud of myself for sticking with it. I just missed one day. Here's a recap of the month.

1. Morning

2. Empty. Haagen Dazs's five ice cream in Vanilla Bean flavor is my new obsession. Just five ingredients: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs, and Vanilla Bean.

3. On Your Plate. I visited my mother's house and was hooked up with delicious Puerto Rican food.

4. Close-Up. My jewelry and a clothing tag I held on to because it says Rich (the bf's name).

5. Sign. I love this bike shop.

6. Hat. It's not summer without straw hats.

7. Drink. At Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza.

8. Six o' clock. I love it when I have time to have dinner ready at a decent time.

9. Your View Today. At Eastchester Day. I love this small town.

10. Best Bit of Your Weekend. The bf and I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit some friends and then we hit up some outlets. I love road trips with my man. 

11. Door. Everything about Grand Central Terminal is enchanting.

12. From a Low Angle.

13. Art. In Newburgh.

14. Time. Our flight back was delayed from Santo Domingo to JFK on JetBlue. We received a $50 credit each for our next flight. 

15. Yellow. What a beautiful resort.

16. Out and About. Mexican dinner on our vacation in Dominican Republic.

17. In Your Bag - skipped it, I have nothing interesting but a wallet in my bag. Check out what's in my trunk.

18. Something we don't know about you. You guys know this but the Instagram peeps didn't.

19. Imperfect. 

20. Fave photo you've ever taken. All my photos from my trip to Tanzania are my favorite but this one is hanging on the wall.

21. Where you slept. I was sick in the middle of a heat wave.

22. From a High Angle. That's my babe down there headed to work!

23. Movement. I love my co-op building because we have swings.

24. On Your Mind. I had this crazy dream about kittens and puppies entering my house through the window. I posted this picture on Instagram and the following day, as I walked to my car in the parking lot, I saw four kittens hanging around. It was a sign, I had to go to the shelter. 

25. Something Cute. I think we are a cute couple, don't you? This was taken at the Subway Series in Citifield. We had an unexpected day that Sunday. We woke up without any plans, headed over to Studio Square in Astoria, met up with friends, and then ate at one of my favorite restaurants (Basureros). My boyfriend gets a phone call from a good friend inviting us to the game. We said yes. We had no clue where we were sitting but we were just happy to be invited. When we get there, we are rows away from the Yankee dugout! Thank you.

26. Where You Shop.

27. Bathroom. A bathroom isn't complete without rubber duckies.

28. On the Shelf.

29. Soft. After that dream about the kittens, I adopted a kitten at the New Rochelle Humane Society! Meet Han Solo.

30. A friend. It's dark but this was such a great time with my friend Dawn. It's taken at the fitness concert at the Zumba Convention last year. Looking forward to the Zumba Convention 2012.

That's all for June. I am taking the July challenge. If you want to play along, here are the prompts. You can post on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Just use the hashtag #photoadayjuly.