Moving Past the Workout Rut

For the past two weeks I've been in a workout rut.

The reason: Boredom.

I got into a routine and it worked for a bit but then one day, it just didn't. It happens often and for different reasons. Summer and the holiday season are usually the big culprits for me. So what did I do?

I decided not to follow any specific workout regimen. I just did what I felt like doing. I went to my friends' Zumba classes and went out for long walks but no weights, no dvds, and no workout agendas. And it's worked. Today, I had a great workout and I feel excited to workout again tomorrow!

Below are a few tips of other ways I have tried to pick myself up from the workout rut:

1. Try a new class with a buddy. I always find jumping into a new group fitness class intimidating. It's a good reason to keep you from moving. As an instructor, one of my biggest jobs is to make a new student feel comfortable. As a student, I know it's not easy. Before taking my first spin class, I would peek into the room and watch everyone else having a great workout but I couldn't get myself to join them. One morning, my roommate and I decided to try it together and we laughed so hard at ourselves. The rest is history. We went back twice a week for a full year.

2. Take a step back. Cut back on your workout routine for a bit. Many times if you train everyday, your body can send your brain signals that it's time for a rest. Instead of sitting on the couch for a full-week, scale back your workout and do less for a couple of days. Don't worry, once you start-up again, it won't be at square one. It's okay to take a break.

3. Take a look back at some of your "before" photos. Taking a look back at the progress you have made can really help motivate you. If you keep a fitness journal or log, that helps too.

4. Buy new gear. I know it sounds silly but sometimes if I buy a new pair of sneakers, or even just a new sports bra, or water bottle, it helps move me passed the slump.

5. Set a new goal. Perhaps you started working out for weight loss or because you wanted to gain muscle and now you have met your goals and are lacking motivation. Set a new goal like completing a set of pushups in a specified amount of time. Small, realistic goals are great motivators.

6. Join a team. Summer is the perfect time to join a softball, basketball, volleyball, biking, hiking, running or walking team. Enjoy the outdoors while you can!

7. Sign up for a race. If you recall or were around last year, I signed up for my first 5K which kicked-off a great running season for me. Check out this Women-only Mud Run. 

So, tell me, what do you do to help move past a bad-week or two?