Theme Partying

I love parties and theme parties are my favorite. There is something about playing dress up that is so fun. I get a kick out of getting dolled up in clothing I wouldn't normally wear. You can only imagine how thrilled I was when I received the email that the 2012 Zumba Convention party theme was DANCING THROUGH THE DECADES!


If you have never been to the Zumba convention, you need to understand that people pull out all tricks for these parties. They find the best costumes and rock it like no other. I, unfortunately, have yet to "go all out." In the past, I never gave myself enough time to think up a GREAT outfit.

For 2011, the theme was "represent where you're from," and I wore this:


In 2011, for the white party, a friend of ours managed to get some great accessories together for the crew.

We looked hot, but not as cool as this guy:


Enough feeling sorry for myself. This year's DANCING THOUGH THE DECADES party is perfect for me. Why? Because I have studied (obsessed) over everything related to late 1980s hip-hop for so long and I have loved Salt n Pepa and their crazy outfits for like FOREVER that I am prepared to make my outfit stand out!

I spent a great chunk of my afternoon yesterday working on my outfit. My Pinterest board blew up with the 80s and I annoyed anyone who was willing to listen, view, and click on the many ideas I had in my head. My Facebook and Gchat friends must have been so over it but by 8pm, I was ready to go shopping!

The man, another lover of all things 80s joined me. We headed over to the Galleria Mall in White Plains to purchase these sneakers:

Back in the day, these were called 54-11s because with tax their price tag was $54.11. They are really called the Reebok Freestyle and they still sell them for $49.95. In White Plains, that would now make them 54-13s. Not that bad a mark-up considering how many years have passed. Regardless, I am happy they still sell them. I didn't find them at the mall but I found SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

The best way to explain the Galleria Mall is with this quote from Chris Rock's opening SNL skit in 1996:

"Remember when you were a kid, there'd by an America? You'd go see your Grandma, and go to her little town? There's no more little towns - it's all malls! And they're all the same! The mall in St. Louis is the same mall in Detroit.. it's got the same Gap, Banana Republic, Chess King, Sunglasses Hut, all the same crap! And every town's got two malls! They've got the white mall, and the mall white people used to go to."


These malls have the best clothing for theme parties. Outfits that I would never be daring enough to wear to a "regular" party but would so wear to a "theme party."

So check out what I racked up:

With these items, the sneakers, and this bomber style windbreaker, purchased for $35 from CRASHXTRASH's shop, I am excited and thrilled to represent the 80s.

I will most likely purchase the 54-11s that sort of match that blue color on the jacket. I can't wait for August! I'm sure everyone will look fabulous!