Cucumber Water

Never cook without your glasses. Enough said. Yesterday, I was making a zucchini quiche. This is a zucchini:

Well, my fridge is now filled with tons of greens and somehow, I managed to chop up one of these:

This is a cucumber.

I hadn't noticed until after they were all chopped up and I could smell the difference. I am a dork. Not only did I have to start over with the zucchini, but I now had all this cucumber and nothing to do with it.

Thank baby Jesus for Cucumber Water is all I have to say. I followed this recipe and it's absolutely delicious. ***clink*****clink****

And about that Quiche, it was good too.

Here's the recipe for that.

Lesson of the day: Know your vegetables and never cook without glasses. WOMP WOMP.