Thoughts On Goal Setting

In the past two weeks, I have received amazing news and praise. Some of it on my own and some of it with the amazing team I work with at Z8 Fitness. Here's a little recap of my week, followed by some thoughts:

1. We made an impression at the Best of Westchester party by successfully getting people out there to dance and organizing an impromptu performance.

2. I am a published model!

3. Newsday wrote a story about Z8 Fitness and Zumba Fitness along with video and photos.

I bring this up because I think some of the lessons I've learned in the past year while working with these amazing people can be used in all settings and for various types of goals. I wanted to share them with you because I think they can help us all reach our various fitness and lifestyle goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, run a 5k or a marathon, eat healthier, or feel happier, our relationships with ourselves and others play a major role in meeting these goals.

My thoughts:

  • Believe in yourself and create a support team that believes in you too. If your current network doesn't meet that need, meet people who do. Join a running group, take a new class or socialize at the gym. I always find that I meet the nicest people in these type of settings.
  • Ask for help. Being overwhelmed is one of the main reasons people skip out on workouts or find themselves chomping down on a plate of cheese fries.¬†Whenever I find the world caving in and things slipping right through my fingers, asking for help is always the last thought on my mind. It's hard to admit that you put too much on your plate or you just can't complete a certain task - but help can come from many different angles. Asking for someone's opinion or a different perspective, can all of a sudden lead you one step closer to your goal.
  • Understand that every step in the right direction is a BIG step. I am one of those people who thinks something up and wants it to happen right away. Many times I forget to realize that there are several steps between where I am and where I want to be. Celebrate all the small steps in between the big goal. You'll feel more accomplished and the finish line will feel that much sweeter.
  • Communicate what you are really feeling at all times. Being honest with yourself and with others is like looking into a mirror and seeing what's really wrong. I typically default to doing the complete opposite because I think the feeling will go away or perhaps a magical fairy will help me deal with it and it will all go away the next day. The thing is, there can be someone else feeling the exact same way OR better yet has been in your shoes and can provide advice from experience.
  • Make time for your goals. I ran into this graphic on Facebook today and its so true.

It's so easy to get lost on Facebook or whatever social media tool you are into and avoid the things you really need to do to reach your goals. Whether it's exercise or something else, nothing will get done unless you make time for it. Stop putting things off.

We are all capable of "big things" but the first step always starts with you. Hope you found some inspiration in my thoughts. Let's continue learning and making our goals reality.