New York 2012 Rebel Race

A new year, a new race friend, and a completely different course! newyork

Oh how silly of me. I haven't shared any information about the Rebel Race 2012. The race was on July 21st - a week and a half ago. This year I ran with a girlfriend of mine who was completely excited about it ever since she heard about last year's race.

The great thing was that this year was very different from last year's race. Here are some pics:

rebel race start

Each wave was pretty large. We ran the 9:30am wave which was the first one to start but because of the size of the wave, the first three obstacles were sort of a bust. You start off on a sprint up a hill into your first challenge . . . monkey bars. By the time you get to the monkey bars, you're nice and warm but the wait was like 15 minutes so it was sort of a bummer.

I actually made it across the monkey bars, ran up a hill backwards, rolled down a hill and climbed the first wall pretty quickly. Then it was back to another wait until people made it through a web of ropes that looked like you were in Mission Impossible.

What came after was the hardest part for me - a series of trail runs with obstacles in between. Running on a trail is a lot different from running on concrete and fear of twisting my ankles or falling really slowed me down. rebel race 2

This is an example of an obstacle in between the trail runs. rebel race 3For anyone who thinks these things aren't very muddy, check out these images:_JUL0730

_JUL0732 _JUL0733

rebel race finish line

This is how you look and feel after the finish line:

gross muddy

And then once you get over it, you feel like this:

I ran a "regular" 5k before and made it across the finish line somewhere around the 30 minute mark so I think my time was decent, considering the waits and the slow trail running.

rebel race finish

Rebel Race Survivor

Any ladies want to join me at the Pretty Muddy Women's Run in October?