Brazil Butt Lift is Next!

I've been searching the internet looking for my next home workout and decided that Beachbody's Brazil Butt Lift is the winner. It looks like its lots of fun and who wouldn't want a little lift.

This Puerto Rican booty is going Brazilian! 

When I first checked out the Beachbody site, I had looked over the workout because I thought it was all legs and no upper body but at second glance, there's all types of moves in there to make you look and feel like this:


There are six dvds:

  1. Basics
  2. Bum Bum
  3. High and Tight
  4. Sculpt
  5. Cardio Axe
  6. Tummy Tuck

All together, they should provide enough cardio, toning, and booty lifting moves for the next  60 days. Fyi, I am starting this AFTER the Zumba Convention (which is next week). Can't wait to give this routine a try and write all about it.