Car Free NYC at Summer Streets

Saturday was New York City's first Summer Streets event and based on my experience, it was a success. The boyfriend and I jumped on the Metro North to Grand Central Terminal and walked down a car-free Park Avenue all the way to Union Square. We had a great day. noparking_summerstreets_nyc

Unfortunately, we didn't get out of the house early enough to experience EVERYTHING there was to offer, but I made sure to take some pictures and notes on the various activities for you to schedule your trip for the following Saturdays - August 11th and August 18th from 7am to 1pm.

Here's the route:

Every rest stop has different activities.

  • The Uptown Rest Stop was where you could find the Tai Chi Class, Bachata Lessons, Double Dutch, Salsa, and Traditional Dancers from Ecuador.
  • On the Astor Place Rest Stop, all the classes were led by Crunch Gym. They offered Sunrise Salutations, BodyART, TABURA, LaBlast, Six Pack Attack, POUND, and Masala Bhangra.
  • The REI Adventure Zone was at the SOHO Rest Stop. There you could Fix a Flat and learn about Bike Commuting.
  • Foley Square was all about Yoga by Shape Up NYC. Of course, there was zip-lining as well.
  • On the 25th Street Rest Stop, we enjoyed a City Picnic complete with lessons on how to milk a cow! (Just in case. You never know.)

... and yummy Ciao Bella Frozen Yogurt on a stick. I was a fan.

Lastly, we tried out one of those collapsible bikes and enjoyed the Farmers Market at Union Square.


Overall, I think the event was a great success. Hope you get the opportunity to enjoy it next week. Jump on a bike, dust off your roller-skates or tie-up those laces and run or walk down Park Avenue. It's totally worth it. Besides all the things I mentioned, there are cooking lessons, bike riding lessons, and an opportunity to build a sand castle in the city! I'd advise you to wake up early to enjoy everything Summer Streets has to offer.

We're going back the last weekend to finish up the route.