Day 2 at the 2012 Zumba Convention in Orlando, Florida

Day Two was a lot busier than Day One. My schedule:

  • Hip-notic Belly Dance
  • ZIN Live Master Class with Beto
  • LIVE Music Concert with Daddy Yankee

Lots to be excited about, don’t you think?

Hip-notic Bellydance

portia lange

Portia Lange taught Hip-notic Belly Dance, she is a ZIN and a professional bellydancer. She has traveled all over the world dancing and presenting. She is also the founder of BellyMotions and creator of a new dance/fitness bellydance craze that is taking over Miami. Her class was great because it was like an actual belly dance class. I miss taking belly dance classes. I used to take American Tribal Style classes:


Right now, I can’t find the time to take classes and do everything else but this class was a perfect reminder as to why I love belly dance. Her class was perfect in providing us ideas on how to incorporate the dance into a Zumba class format. No pain in the knees, no heavy jumping, and lots of core and arm work. Holding your arms up in second position ALONE makes you sweat but holding your arms up in second position while performing a shimmy makes your heart rate spike and the sweat drips. Lesson learned: you can work out without jumping around like a maniac.


ZIN 42 taping

The ZIN Live Master Class with Beto was fabulous. This year, the Home Office decided to focus on the Zumba Jammers so Beto had them as his back up dancers for the taping.


Shahidah Ansari_New York Jammerzumbajammers_zin 42

The live master class will be used for the 42nd volume of Zumba choreography for instructors. I went to last year’s live taping and expected similar production issues and lots of waiting around but this year it was completely different. You can tell that they rehearsed A LOT . . . it was impossible to screw it up and need a second taping. Very professional. We even ended early with enough time for Beto to bring out his favorite girl Mara and to bring other Zumba instructors on stage to show off their stuff.


The other great part of the class was that even though we were very close to the front, no one was pushing us or getting in our way. This was so unlike last year’s convention when we were cursed at after someone walked right in front of us. That is not how ZIN should act and this crowd was great. True ladies and gentlemen.


Look at all that space!

The most defining moment of convention for me occurred AFTER the live taping. In the midst of the dance craze and of Mara singing, Beto invited a woman in a wheelchair up to the stage. She had no lower body. I wish I could remember her name and I wish I had a clear picture of her because she is MY HERO. She made me realize why dance is so beautiful and important and why our bodies, regardless of shape and size, is the most beautiful instrument we own. Beto asked her to lead her choreography for "Crazy Love," it's a song by Mara who was going to sing it as this particular instructor led the crowd. Beto danced alongside and followed. AMAZING! We all followed along and many cried and cheered. I stood still clapping and saying to myself how awesome it all was. Although, I'm not a crier, I was moved. Her beauty, her smile, her energy, and her love of dance was evident despite her disabilities. In fact, she has no disability. She is perfect. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, please know that I love you and I admire you. Thank you.


daddy_yankee_zumba convention

I called it!  I knew he would be our concert performer since immediately after the last convention. My Facebook status looked something like this: "Zumba Fitness (tagged), its time to bring the king of Zumba music to convention. Pitbull was great but Daddy Yankee opened the doors for him and many others. He is the original." Booyah! I guess they listened to ME and only ME. JK. But seriously, Mr. Perlman, if you ever need any ideas, I've got tons of them.

It only made sense for the Mac Daddy of Zumba music to grace us with his presence. He gave us an amazing show. Some old stuff, some new stuff, and my favorite . . . some Dem Bow. He even thanked US for taking his music around the globe with our choreography.

westchester zumba at zumba convention

daddy yankee with zumba fitness

This is only the beginning for Zumba Fitness and music. Check this video out to see another reason why Zumba is taking over and why I am so excited to be part of it all:

This is Don Omar. I had a video of Daddy Yankee saying the same thing but I can't find it now.

Peace. Love. Zumba. I have two more entries to make but right now, it's time for work.