Sweaty Bands

I received a set of Sweaty Bands earlier this year but because my hair has been on the shorter end, I really haven't had the opportunity of trying them. Well, it's been awhile since I got a hair cut and the hair has been unruly during and after my workouts. Especially since it's not long enough to throw into a ponytail. I decided to give the bands a shot and their great. I've always had the problem that bands fall right out of my head and I am constantly readjusting them. I sweat a lot and many bands slip right off. On the other side of the spectrum, those "non-slip" bands are TIGHT and give me a headache.

I typical throw a pin in my hair and hope for best - a little less unruly hair.

Here's my workout look before the Sweaty Bands:

Before Sweaty Bands

And here is my look AFTER:

after sweaty bands

I'm MUCH happier in the second pic. Don't ya think?

I only have this pink one you see in the picture and a brown zebra stripe one but I think I'll be ordering many more. One more thing, they are easy to wash. Hand wash or throw in the washing machine with your other items. No biggie.