Brazilian Butt Lift Review

bbl I'm on Week 3 of the Beachbody Brazilian Butt Lift workout and I figured it was the right time to post a review as I've had a lot of people ask me my thoughts.

OVERALL, I like it but I don't LOVE it. As I had mentioned in this post, there are 5 videos: Bum Bum, High and Tight, Cardio Axe, Tummy Tuck, Sculpt and a BONUS video -Bum Bum RAPIDO. Leandro Carvalho, coined the "Brazilian Butt Master," leads you through all the routines with an army of beautiful women and sometimes men standing behind him. Everyone looks great, even as they workout on the beach. He's pretty funny and his cute Brazilian accent, poor translation, sprinkle of Portuguese, and constant "Don't Settle For Less" slogan will keep you going. He's definitely the "sweet trainer." There's no real "fit test" to make you feel weak and out of shape. Just a "pencil test."

You receive a "Booty Makeover Calendar" with your DVDs. In it, you will find four different four-week programs for your booty. You use the same DVDs in all the programs, it's just the order that changes week to week. It helps in maintaining interest since you're just alternating between five different routines. Sometimes the guide asks for you to do two routines back-to-back. On those days, you should schedule an hour and a half to workout.

In brief, my favorite videos are High and Tight, Tummy Tuck, and the mother of Brazilian Butt Lift -SCULPT. 

For someone like me who has trouble with their knees, these videos are a relief. They are very low-impact and focus on individual muscle groups. This is a workout for the vain and not for anyone who is looking to improve speed, performance, or strength. This is a "I want to look good in a pair of jeans BUT I still need help opening the pickle jar" type of workout. VERY different from the popular Beachbody P90x, P90x2, and Insanity.

Here's a quick review of ALL the routines:

Cardio Axe


Some of the moves are really silly and I rather take or teach a Zumba Fitness class for a fun cardio dance class.

High and Tight

Great! It reminds me of the Legs and Butt type of workouts I used to do at Lucille Roberts back in the day. Very traditional moves for your legs with ankle weights. Primarily ALL floor work. NO JUMPING.


I'm still unsure how I feel about this DVD. I sweat the most when I do the BUM BUM DVD, but I feel super clumsy. There are some crazy moves in here that if done incorrectly can REALLY hurt you. I feel this DVD has the least amount of instruction (perhaps its the fast pace). But it's a great cardio and strength routine.


I love this DVD and I am so happy every time I see it on the calendar. This is your traditional total body workout. Leandro's combinations keep you working, sweating, and burning calories. I keep feeling the burn regardless how many times I do it.


I actually like this DVD more than Ab Ripper X and that was my go to ab routine. Leandro's method is more of "hold and pulse" type of exercises that make you want to scream.

So that's it from me. Out of 5 stars, I'd give it 3.7. It's not awful, you will sweat, you will build muscle tone but I think I personally prefer something a little tougher. I guess Jillian Michael's has won my heart.

Oh, and how's the Booty you ask?  I do see increased toning all over. I've seen great results on some people and perhaps I'll see the same in the coming weeks. Overall, I've maintained.