Fitness at the Library

Yesterday, I was at a New York Public Library when I began having a great conversation with a stranger about fitness. She was standing behind me looking through a bunch of dvds when I asked her what she was looking for. She was there for 30 minutes plus some. I figured perhaps I could help. She mentioned how she wants to work out at home but doesn't really have the funds to pay for workout programs so she rents them from the library.

MY MIND WAS BLOWN. Why, hadn't I thought of that?

Apparently, the library system has tons of workout routines that you can borrow. My new friend mentioned how she watches them and does the routines and if she REALLY likes it then she considers purchasing the DVD. However, if she wasn't a fan, then she moves on. I asked her what HER favorite workout DVDs were and she told me about two people I had never heard of:

  1. Leslie Sansone
  2. Chris Powell 

Both of these "at-home" trainers have non-intimidating workout routines that are great for a beginner. I am very impressed. So impressed that I signed up for a New York Public Library card so that I could get my hands on MORE DVDs for the purpose of reviewing them for you. It's rough purchasing all these programs and I really don't consider purchasing something unless I feel it's going to benefit me. I'm sure you feel the same way. And for that reason, I will commit to borrow a few DVDs, try the routines, and let the world know my thoughts. I'm excited about this and hope you are too. Perhaps I will post some video as well. This could get crazy!