I wish they would cancel

As we all know, I am not a runner but I LOVE the New York City Marathon. While growing up my sister, my dad, and I watched the marathon every year. I loved watching it and took great pride that such a big event happened in my city. I STILL HOLD MUCH PRIDE IN THIS EVENT. The marathon brings back so many memories for me. We wouldn't stop watching even after the athletes crossed the finish line. It was exciting to watch video of the last person crossing the finish line and learning about the stories that brought people from all over the world into this great city. MY CITY. Watching the Bronx and the other boroughs prepare always made me super excited and I've always dreamed about running myself. It's on my bucket list. One day, I will run the NYC marathon. I have a number of friends running and I truly do appreciate all of the hard work that comes into the event. I've followed the journey of many of my friends who are running and I know that this event means the world to them. There are also people running to support amazing charities and causes that need the help.

HOWEVER, I wish they would cancel. On the news, the Mayor and others speak of showing the world our "resilience" as New Yorkers but this isn't the venue to make this point. The way to show resilience and  pride is to cancel and have all the workers, the volunteers, and the sponsors spend their money and time on helping New Yorkers who were affected, REBUILD. Running through their hurricane-battered streets is a bad idea.

The best decision in my opinion is to cancel or postpone the event.