Work Out At Home Wednesdays v.3

30 Minutes To Fitness Split Sessions with Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Goals: Strength and Sculpt. All the moves on this DVD are classic gym moves for sculpting. She moves slowly throughout the routine and expects you to go heavy on the weights.

Time: There are two 30-minute routines. One for the upper body and one for the lower body. Then she adds eight additional premixes that vary in time. They are pretty much clips of the 30 minute routines but edited to fit the desired goal of each premix.

Impact: Definitely a low impact routine. However, it's not easy.

Space considerations: All you need is space for a yoga mat.

Equipment: Dumbbells - she recommends you go as heavy as you can. She sticks with the 15lb dumbbells for most of the routines, however, sometimes she has you using two 15lb dumbbells for one arm. That's 30 POUNDS! Steps and band are optional.

Neat feature: The premixes are pretty cool. She also does each move in sets of two. For example, you'll do a biceps exercise and then a triceps exercise, then repeat. After you are done, you don't have to repeat that series again.

Fun Factor: She doesn't try to make this "fun" but she does make it efficient. Her style is very low-key and she isn't a big talker. She let's you know what you need to do and is encouraging along the way without being silly. I really liked her style. She also moves very quickly from one move to the next, so you have little time to rest.

Cheese level: No cheese. I felt like Kelly was the kind of person I'd like to be my personal trainer at the gym. We're not here to play games, we're here to get strong!

My experience: Yesterday, after getting over a cold for the past week, I finally decided it was time to get back to a regular workout schedule. I chose this DVD because I wanted to stay away from the Jillian Michael's cardio intervals. I was working out at 8:30pm and didn't need the neighbors to complain about my plyo jumps.

I like Kelly's style. She really is no-nonsense. She talks a lot less than the more popular "at-home" trainers. Her moves are straight-forward and easy to follow. She has two other women on-screen with her. Kelly and the woman on her right (our left) are using a step and other equipment, while the other lady is only using the dumbbells. My only complaint would be that I wished they would have focused more on the lady not using the extra equipment. Very few exercises needed variations, however, sometimes Kelly used the step as support or for push ups, and you couldn't see the woman who wasn't using the step on-screen.

Otherwise, no complaints. I also think a suggested training calendar could be very helpful as well.