This little girl turns 30!

For whatever reason, last year when I turned 29, I envisioned 30 being this horrible milestone. It was scary and for weeks, even months, in early 2012, I sat around upset about this. I spoke to my girlfriends in similar predicaments and we were literally ALL dramatic, "WHY ME???? WHY NOW????" Little old me, the Toys R' Us kid, was turning 30!

I took that jingle way too seriously.... you know what I'm talking about... [youtube]

...however, I think I've found a perfect balance between being a responsible adult and being a life long Toys R' Us kid:

danfredo photo booth

December has arrived and I no longer feel like hiding under a pillow and crying my eyes out about turning 30. Seriously, this is how I envisioned December 1st to be. Instead, I'm elated. I am full of joy. I am so happy and grateful for the life experiences I've had. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the great have made me who I am today. Sure, I don't have children or a husband like some conventional people would have expected of me by now. I have love, a great family, amazing friends/family, health, hobbies, skills, a good job, a desire to continue learning, two degrees, world traveling experience, my own apartment, and even a  pet I'm responsible for!

A lot of the women I know say they never want to be in their 20s again. Their 30s has brought them clarity. Gone are the days of wondering "who am I?" Who knows what the next decade will bring for me but I am so excited to welcome it!

I will forever love Barbie dolls, crafts, pink, purple, and glitter. I will forever love playing silly games instead of having serious conversations about life. My eyes and my smile are still very child-like, especially when I see ice cream or chocolate! And all that's okay because that's ME and nothing about me has to change despite what the world says about how an adult should behave. At the end of the day, I'm a Toys R' Us kid with a job and bills!

I can't wait to welcome 30.

Below are some pics of me through the years. Oh how time flies!

xmas me






16 yrs old with my grandma RIP


High School Melly, circa last decade lol