Work Out At Home Wednesdays v.4

Body Revolution by Jillian Michaels [youtube]

Goals: Get in the best shape of your life in 90 days! There's Toning, Strength, and Cardio all built into this program.

Time: Jillian packs in so many moves in 30 minutes! No DVD is longer than 30 minutes.

Impact: Day 1 -30: Low; Day 31-60: Medium; Day 61-90: High off the wall craziness.

Space considerations: All you need is space for a yoga mat.

Equipment: Dumbbells - she recommends three sets. Something you consider low, medium, and high. I use 5lbs, 8lbs, and 10lbs. She also provides you with a very sturdy resistance band that you need for some of the workouts.

Neat feature: There are so many neat things to this. I love Jillian Michaels.

First off, if you've ever done Ripped in 30 or the 30-day Shred or any other JM dvd, you will first note that instead of three people, there are like 12 people in the room with Jillian. This allows her to show you many variations without slowing anything down.

Second, there is no slowing down. I still don't know how she does it, but in the past Jillian only fit three rounds in her DVDs, now there's four. That makes for a "cry for your momma" type of routine EVERY SINGLE TIME. I hate her and love her altogether.

Lastly, and the biggest difference is that there isn't just one workout for one week. In the past, you would buy a Jillian Michaels DVD and it was set up for three or four weeks. You had to do the same workout for seven or ten days before you could move on.

NOT ANYMORE. Jillian has set up a system where you do two dvds and a cardio dvd for two weeks and move on. In total, there are 15 DVD's. Workout 1 - 12 and then 3 Cardio DVDs. The DVDs are neatly placed in booklets based on the Phase you are in. Three Phases, three months!

Fun Factor: I can't call this fun. It burns and I love it. However, there is a lot of chit-chat in the room and some of what they say is pretty funny. I think my favorite part of Jillian Michael's routines is the opportunity to personally tell Jillian Michael's to SHUT UP! lol

Cheese level: This is not cheesy. This is clean, professional, and very well done. I'm amazed with some of the routines and how they were put together. I have no idea how she thinks this up but its great.

My experience:  I am currently somewhere in the 45-day mark. I haven't followed the system exactly as stated in the calendar because sometimes I don't feel ready to move on to the next DVD. It's also fear. I am fearful of the next DVD. Regardless, I feel strong and motivated to continue. I always rave about Ripped in 30 but the truth is that I get bored easily. My absolute favorite thing about this program is that there really is no way to get bored. I can't memorize the DVD and attempt to do it on my own. I'm not tired of the jokes. And my muscle memory doesn't have time to kick in. It's just non-stop movement.

Phase 1 was simple. It wasn't easy but the moves were basic. She does this for a reason. Even if you are a conditioned athlete, Phase 1 helps you get into the groove of how the next two months of your life will look. You really get the flow of things here. I was surprised on how difficult the Cardio DVD was. Back in my P90x days, I hated my Cardio day because it was too cheesy for me. I popped the Body Revolution Cardio DVD at like 9pm on a weekday one day because I thought it was going to be simple and easy. I was wrong. I was jumping around like crazy and had to give up as my neighbors would have complained.

Phase 2 makes me wish I stayed at Phase 1. It's HARD. I'm still in the first half of Phase 2 and I fear what's coming next. One routine is like non-stop upper body while in crescent pose (high lunge). The other is non-stop back exercises while in a low chair-pose. Like I said, THIS IS HARD.

Who knows what Phase 3 will bring but I'll be sure to update you.

I highly recommend investing in the Body Revolution.