My first REAL Yoga Class

I should really take my own advice. When someone tells me they've had a bad experience at a Zumba class, I usually tell them that every instructor is different and they should give someone else a shot. A long time ago, back in my New York Sports Club days, I took a Yoga class and absolutely hated it. The instructor was too serious and even though it was a Level 1 class, he acted as if everyone should know what he was talking about. I felt so stupid and agitated in class, the complete opposite of what I thought I should feel during and after a Yoga class. I vowed never to Yoga again.

Then P90x came and I was scheduled to do the Yoga DVD at home once a week and sometimes twice a week. I got through it but still felt disconnected. There's nothing relaxing about shooing your cat away while you're in downward dog. Then, I found a Living Social deal. My bf and I decided to get a deal for a Yoga studio very close to home. Coincidentally, a friend of mine also bought a deal to the same studio and had already gone once. Last Tuesday, the three of us jumped into the Yoga Flow Level 1/2 class at Nueva Alma Yoga and Wellness studio. 

nueva alma 1


nueva alma 2I was excited to try something new with two people I love so much but also hesitant because of my past experience. I am so happy I went. Since then, I've taken three yoga classes and I love it. What a difference an instructor makes. Our first class was with Graziela. She's so easy-going and friendly. In between direction, Graziela walks around and helps you with the position. If you look at her with a blind stare, she will demonstrate the move. I've yet to feel lost or stupid in her class. And to my surprise, Yoga is a lot harder than I thought. Once you take out the distractions I had while doing P90x Yoga at home, you find this place inside of you - a place of strength. I try to push through every move and even if I am not successful, I'm encouraged to try.


nueva alma 3The best part: I don't think about what I have to do when I get out of class. I struggle, I sweat, I laugh, I doubt, and I succeed but I don't think about the outside world much.

Except at the end. I am having the hardest time with what some people would think is an easy move, Savasana. This comes at the end of your yoga practice. Every class, you are asked to lay still with your eyes closed. In one class, it was explained that as thoughts move into my mind, I was to acknowledge them and then move them out. Well, I became obsessed with doing this and more and more thoughts just started running through my head. Stupid thoughts too. My bf lays there and even manages to fall asleep, while I worry about the fact that I am not supposed to think. It's pretty disturbing and noisy in my head!

I can't figure out how to get the thoughts out. It's easier for me to not think when I am moving, surviving through a pose and just breathing. However, when I am sitting still the game changes and I can't focus.

I need some help here. Any Yogi's out there that can give me some tips on relaxing and enjoying the moment are welcomed to comment.  THANKS!