My 2012 in Review

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a wonderful night of happiness and a beautiful 2013. Although many people scoff at those that think the new year is a new beginning, I truly do welcome that thought. It's another 12 months of who knows what. Perhaps some changes and surprises, both welcomed and unwelcomed. Things may get better or they may get worse. Who knows? And that's the beauty of it all. It's life. Anyway, every year, WordPress sends me a little note about my top blogs and it tells me a thing or two about YOU. Here were your favorites:

Aren't WE a little vain. Abs, booties, and nails. That's why you read my blog, huh? I'll try to give you more of that in 2013. lol

Looking back, I actually tried a lot of new things this past year. Below are a few that standout most in my mind:

I am most proud of joining a CSA this year. Being part of the group, trying new recipes, and receiving my share of organic, fresh fruits and vegetables taught me a lot. Although, I've considered myself a healthy eater for a while now, there is still so much to learn. I learned that eating local and eating fresh is not only good for you, but delicious! Consuming a carrot that was picked the day before is so different from eating one that's been sitting around for a week. It's crispy, feels like earth, and oh my god, the amount of juice you can get from a fresh carrot! I am definitely investing in a CSA in 2013. It's well worth the money.

I also attempted P90X2. Although, I didn't complete it, I am very proud of committing to it for as long as I did and I'm going to give it another try. P90X, Beachbody, and Jillian Michaels have truly transformed the way I see working out. I used to go to the gym and use the elliptical for an hour while watching reality TV. I was moving and I was burning calories but I wasn't being efficient or working out to my maximum level. I'm young, I'm strong, and I feel great. And I FOUND MY ABS.


I lost my first kitty this year. She was my first pet as an adult and I feel so happy to have met her. I learned how to grieve, accept, and grow stronger and more full of love to welcome another pet into my home. Rich, Kerri, Dawn... THANK YOU!

Fitness Magazine asked me to attend their Meet and Tweet event for fitness bloggers and I met awesome people throughout the day.


Went on more fitness-related dates with my boyfriend - summer streets, bike and roll, and yoga!


Actually ran the Rebel Race with my sole sister!

v andmel

Attended the Zumba convention for the third time this year AND my Zumba crew and I won Best of Westchester 2012!

best of westchester z8 fitness

Thanks for reading my blog and following my journey towards a healthier, happier, fun, and fit life. I wish you all a wonderful new year and remember, every day is a new opportunity to become a better you. Cease the day.