Bottoms Up!

filming 30 Rock at the Rockefeller Plaza ice rink I think I've mentioned this before. I'm not really a sit on the couch and watch television regularly kind of person. HOWEVER, when I do sit down to watch tv, I DO NOT GET UP.  On Thursday, that's exactly what happened. Five months ago, after reading Bossypants by Tina Fey, I began watching 30 Rock on Netflix. I became a huge fan, and last week, (major confession here) I watched Season 6 in two days.

Now that I am completely up to speed (I watched the new episodes on Hulu Plus), I felt like it was only necessary to watch 30 Rock on its actual aired day and time. So I sat and watched. Hilarious as always, but what happened after was totally typical me. I watched 1600 Penn, The Office, followed by more 1600 Penn AND then Rock Center with Brian Williams. I tried to stay up and watch Jimmy Fallon who was having the cast of 30 Rock on his show but the news and Jay Leno were on and well, ehh.

However, I LEARNED SOMETHING NEW that I wanted to share with you all and that's the actually the point of this blog. Rock Center had a segment called "Bottoms Up!" Where this doctor and researcher, Dr. Levine, discussed some of his new findings about sitting down. I found it pretty relevant and even took on Mr. Williams challenge to walk around for every commercial break. Here's what I learned:

Apparently, sitting is literally killing us and Dr. Levine says, the gym cannot undo all the damage that is done while we sit down at work, the train, nail salon, beauty salon, on our sofa watching tv, etc. He's found that people who are lean and do not go to the gym, move 2.5 times more than people who are obese. Our metabolic engines shut down when we sit and its harder than we think to rev it up again. He used the example of a car engine sitting on idle for a really long time. Engine gets full of gunk and doesn't work as efficiently or at all. Same goes for our bodies. GUNK. EWW.

He says the key is to break up our sitting time. Hence, the challenge to walk around during commercial breaks. Dr. Levine recommends that we walk 10 minutes for every hour we are sitting down. That includes activities such as getting up to talk to your coworker or running out for your second cup of coffee. Even the tiniest movements count, ie. fidgeting. According to Dr. Levine, people who are naturally fidgety, crank up the body to move and stay in motion. Go figure. I've always been told to stop being so fidgety. It's apparently distracting to some. I'll make sure to reply with, "I can't stop. It's good for my health. Try it!"

I thought this was valuable information, considering I work out and then sometimes end up on the sofa for hours because Netflix managed to drag me in. I guess there needs to be a balance somewhere.

Total calories burned walking around during commercial breaks . . . 80! That includes running around after the cat.

Ohh..... and guess what my Sunday will consist of . . . . ????

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the premiere of Ba...

I'll be cheering on the lovely ladies of comedy as they host the Golden Globes. I've never watched the Golden Globes (it looks boring as hell) but I don't care because I love these women and I know they will make it great.