Work Out At Home Wednesdays v.5

Bob Harper Inside Out Method: Body Rev Cardio Conditioning


Goals: Serious Cardio Burn. There are two workouts in the DVD. A one hour complete cardio routine and a 25 minute body-shaping cardio. It's a little toning, a little cardio.

Time: You choose . . . one hour or 25 minutes.

Impact: Although it's cardio, I would say it's not high-impact and it's safe for the knees. Bob definitely put a lot of thought into this to make sure you workout safely at home. The 25 minute routine is very low-impact on your knees. More balance and core work.

Space considerations: All you need is space for a yoga mat.

Equipment: Dumbbells - very light. This is a cardio workout so you don't want to go to crazy. 1-2 lb. hand weights are recommended for use with this DVD. I don't own a pair of 1 or 2lb. weights so I used 5 lbs and it was fine.

Neat feature: Timer that counts down the amount of time you have left. It's always helpful to know when the torture is over. ;-)

Fun Factor: No fun. No games. No jokes.

My experience:  I've been hard at work on Body Revolution. I made it into Phase 3 this week. It feels like such an accomplishment after so many set backs (read: sickies). So in between Phase 2 and 3, I took a week "off" to do some yoga and finally catch up on some of the workouts I recently purchased. Now that I'm finally a Biggest Loser fan (13 seasons later), I decided to check out Bob Harper's website He had a sale on his DVDs: $3.99! Can't beat that, so I bought four. This is the first one I tried. Although his moves are pretty basic, no crazy plank jacks, plank mobiles, and other insane Jillian Michaels/Tony Horton craziness . . . it works. I checked my calorie-burn after the 25-minute routine and in such a short period of time, I burned 425 calories and reached 145bpm. As seen on TV, Bob Harper is the complete opposite of the maniacal Jillian Michaels. Expect the same on the DVDs. He's just a straight-forward guy who knows how to give you the burn. Originally on Facebook I said the workout was "ehh" but after giving it a second shot, I will say "it does its job." Especially for $3.99!! I guess I like the crazy.