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Bob Harper's Inside Out Method: Bob's Workout


Goals: Strength and Cardio. This DVD is called Bob's Workout. It's a peak into the routines Bob Harper himself does at the gym to get a body looking like this:

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Time: There are two 30-minute routines. They both say they are cardio workouts but the first one is done with lightweights and the second one encourages heavier lifting. I did the first routine and it's a jam-packed 30 minutes with no rest. It feels like an hour.

Impact: I would say the impact is medium. Some of the moves (ie. jump lunges) do require you to get off the floor but if you have proper padding and you use proper form (land on the ball of your foot and not your heel), you should feel no pressure on the knees.

Space considerations: All you need is space for a mat. I didn't use a yoga mat for this one. Instead I used foam padding for the floor.

Equipment: Dumbbells. In the routine l did, Bob also uses kettlebells but he says if you don't have them it's okay to use your dumbbells. So I did. I used 10, 8, and 5 pound weights.

Neat feature: For $3.99 you get two intense half hour routines. The neat feature, if you get good enough to do this for a full hour, YOU CAN. There is an option to put the routines together for some full one-hour calorie burning mayhem. I haven't tried it. I'm scared.

Fun Factor: IT'S NOT FUN but if you are like me and you enjoy a really good burn, this DVD will excite you! Watch the video up top again and tell me if your game. If you are, it'll be "fun." Like the fitness model says in the first routine (in a very sarcastic tone), "....Yay!"

Cheese level: This is DVD is not cheesy at all. In fact, Bob Harper goes so far into making it feel real that he has one person do the routine as he instructs. It's a real one-on-one. She's in great shape and struggles just like you. She screams, sweats, makes ugly faces, and even talks back to Bob. No fake smiles while doing Turkish getups here.

My experience: On Saturday afternoon, I was looking through my DVD set to find a cardio workout. Although Jillian's Body Revolution has many cardio DVD's, I just wanted to shut her off a bit and do something else. I decided to look through the Bob Harper set and found "Bob's Workout." When I popped it in, the first routine was his form of cardio. OUCH! I take back all I've ever said about Bob Harper. THERE IS A REASON WHY THE BLUE TEAM HASN'T LOST A TEAM MEMBER. He is brutal in a calm, sweet way. No drill sergeant here! Bob has this calm demeanor that keeps you from turning the DVD off. I was motivated to finish yet hesitant of his next choice of moves. This workout will make you SORE just 10 minutes after completing it.

The first thing you'll notice is that the warm-up is not easy. No jumping jacks or arms swings. He has you doing walkouts and burpees.



I screamed!!!

This was followed by kettlebell swings, elevated renegade rows, alternating front lunges, pushup with weighted T-stands, jumping lunges, ab roll back-and-ups, goblet squats with a weight overhead, Turkish get-ups, lunge jumps, and various plank variations. ALL IN 30 MINUTES.

I'm sore but I'm happy. You can't beat the deal you get here. An amazing routine by one of television's best trainers for $3.99. If you are interested in more Bob Harper routines, check him out on youtube at